Racial Privilege Hypothetical

The dynamics of race are much more complex and nuanced than what search engines or Dictionary.com could fathom.

Choose a Race/Ethnicity

The following is my best attempt to concoct a thought experiment to express what would have to be the case for have non-white privilege (of a specified non-white racial/ethnic group) in the same context that white privilege and supremacy exists today.


White people currently have privilege, colonized , and enslaved Black people in this thought experiment.

And this is the reality, so what you read below is the current state of the global paradigm of our shared global reality that is white supremacy.

White people are the only racial group that is privileged in modern society solely due to their physical features. This is true because of the following reasons:

Colonialism: White Colonization of the Globe

white people traveled from their homeland in Europe to and claimed it as their "New World". However, First Nations people already had ownership over these lands. Conflicts between the white colonizers and the indigenous First Nations peoples of resulted in armed conflicts well into the 20th century over land rights, with many civil suits over land rights still pending.

However, colonization occurred at a global scale. In addition to lands belonging to First Nations people, Black people (who were enslaved) and to East Asian people (who have been othered in white society) were also stolen while, in many instances, East Asian people (seen as model minorities) utilized white economic theories to succeed, especially East Asian immigrants in the West.

Colonization made it so that white influence became, not only a global phenomenon, but the current paradigm, even though (with the proliferation of concepts of human rights) white supremacy and rule over First Nations, Black, and East Asian homelands have taken more covert forms, including economic dependency.